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Nice to do with the job

It is nice to something with your work, and it doesn't have to be something fancy or expensive its can be going on a boat charter in stockholm and just enjoy a dinner together. Yes there are so many thing that you are able to do that will make it a great evening. Yes and it is good that you have somethings planned so it id more fun to go to work.
And it is a good thing to get the staff more united and it is needed sometimes.

Have fun on the boat

Stockholm is beautiful and it is so nice ...

Exercises every day.

I read an article about joint complaints and they wrote that almost all the elderly people have joint complaints. They want to find a remedy for this and they think you have to start in your early years to be sure not to get those complaints. That is why I am doing my exercises and I take some tablets to reduce the risk of getting such complaints. I want to be careful because a lot of family members have such complaints and I don't like to see what can happen with me. So I do my exercises every day, great!